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Who are John and Jolanda?
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Grew up and raised in the Achterhoek of the Netherlands. After we have reached the 50+ life phase, we have had to fill in our lives ourselves again without our composite family. So we took up the challenge together, bought a small beautiful mini resort in curacao, and we called it: HOME SWEET HOME .  

How fun is this!!! We got this in name on October 27, 2022 and enjoy our guests here on curacao to the fullest.

about mini resort curaçao

We also enjoy managing and running this resort. The stay of Home sweet home makes us both happy. Running, managing and bookings are quite a bit involved, but there is certainly still a lot of time left to enjoy it.

It is really enjoying the tropical life. The friendly atmosphere and the tranquility that this beautiful tropical Caribbean island gives. Nothing should be allowed. The tropical climate, with only the shorts / skirt with a pair of flip flops, that’s all it takes.


Above on the wonderful restaurants with food from the Caribbean kitchen.
In short,
come and experience this with us and experience the home feeling that the mini resort home sweet home will give you together with the wonderful temperatures and nice breeze here on curacao. We are happy to share all this with you .

With sunny regards,

John and Jolanda
~Home Sweet Home Mini Resort Curaçao